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Motorhome in Heudicourt

By choosing Heudicourt, you’re opting for the most bucolic side of the lake!

You’ll appreciate the proximity of the nautical center, the Divotourbiking nautical and land rental point, the accrobranche and the lake bar.

Heudicourt classic area


This 30-place area near the sports hall and soccer fields offers an unsheltered setting from the sun. It is equipped with a sanitary block.

As many large-scale events take place on the Heudicourt side, access to this area may be prohibited at certain periodsof the year (generally in May and June).

For any parking after 5pm, we consider that you will be spending the night on our site.

Our usher will come to you to pay for it in the morning, evening or for any further information.

If the usher has passed by during your absence, you will find a paper on your windscreen asking you to come and pay at the campsite reception (during opening hours).

Selective sorting garbage cans are available on the area and in many places around the lake.

Heudicourt comfort zone

Located in the immediate vicinity of the nautical center with a view of the lake, this comfort area features 34 comfort pitches, equipped with electric socket and water tap.

Accessible from April 1 to November 5, access is free.

On arrival, you can stop by and check in at the campsite reception. Otherwise the placier will come and see you. If you’re not there, he’ll leave a note on your windscreen and you’ll have to pass by the campsite reception (located at the entrance to the Heudicourt site) to pay for your parking.

Practical info

Barbecues are not allowed on the site, except for our residents. So you can barbecue on your motorhome pitch, but not elsewhere on the site.

A bread machine is located on the campsite level.

In July-August, you can have a breakfast at the lake bar.

You have a borne flot bleu to drain your vehicle at the beginning of the Voitures parking area.

The jetons are to be purchased in advance at the campsite reception during opening hours

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