General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of sale for accommodation services in rooms, gîtes and roulottes

These general terms and conditions of sale form an integral part of the contract concluded between the customer and the Société Publique Locale Chambley-Madine, hereinafter referred to as the service provider. Any provision to the contrary contained in any other contractual document shall be deemed unwritten.

Article 1: Scope

The general terms and conditions of sale for accommodation services concern rentals of

  • equipment located on the Heudicourt-sous-les-Côtes base :
  • the rooms in the accommodation center;
  • the trailers;
  • the gîtes classified as “3 * tourist residences”.

These services are provided within the strict framework of a seasonal rental.
For each type of accommodation, the corresponding services are specified on the site

Article 2: Options

Two options are available for accommodation:

  • an “individual service” option for bookings involving fewer than 20 people;
  • a “group service” option for bookings involving 20 people or more.
Article 3: Reservations and prices

Reservations are made using the online form on the website, in accordance with the price conditions specified therein. The price of an “individual service” is payable in full by the customer at the time of booking. The order becomes final only after the service provider has sent an acknowledgement of receipt including a summary of the service ordered.

The reservation request for a “group service” must be made at least 15 days before the planned date of arrival. It must specify the number of participants, their ages and the planned arrival date. Once the request is complete, the service provider sends the customer a draft order form, indicating the deadline for placing the order. The order only becomes final once the signed order form has been returned, together with full payment for the service. However, if the price of the service exceeds €300, a deposit corresponding to 30% of this price will be accepted, and the balance may be paid after invoicing. In the event of late booking of a “group service” (less than 15 days before the arrival date), full payment must be made at the time of booking. In the case of a “group service” requested by a legal entity paying the sums due when the service has been rendered, the order is final upon receipt of the order form by the service provider.

Article 4 : Arrival and departure arrangements

The customer must present himself, with his reservation number, on the day of the scheduled arrival, at the place and time indicated in the summary or order form sent to him by the service provider. Any delay must be notified by the customer to the supplier, by any means and during the arrival time initially scheduled. In order to receive the keys to the accommodation, the customer must pay a deposit by bank cheque in the name of the customer, whose identity is attested by photographic identification. This deposit amounts to:

  • 100 € for a room
  • 200 € for a 4-person gîte
  • 400 € for a 6-person gîte or for a caravan.

An entry inventory of fixtures is drawn up prior to arrival. The inventory of fixtures on departure is drawn up by both parties, except in the case of departure outside the opening hours of the service provider’s offices. In this case, the departure inventory of fixtures is drawn up by the service provider alone and sent by any means to the customer, who has a maximum of 24 hours to contest it.

The deposit is returned to the customer by the service provider, after signature of the departure inventory of fixtures, or, in the absence of a contradictory inventory of fixtures, by simple letter sent within 15 days of departure. It may only be partially refunded in the event of damage certified in the departure inventory of fixtures, loss of a key (€50 penalty) or failure to respect the scheduled departure time.

Article 5 : Damage and insurance

In the event of damage noted in the departure inventory of fixtures or subsequently, and the cost of which would be greater than the deposit, a full invoice for this will be drawn up by the provider. The customer is required to have taken out, prior to his order, an insurance policy of the “multirisques habitations” type including a clause “garantie de responsabilité civile villégiature” and must
be able to present the service provider with a corresponding certificate, on the day of entry into the premises.
The service provider cannot be held liable for any damage suffered by the customer or persons accompanying him.

Article 6: Special conditions

The customer is required to respect the internal regulations posted in the rented premises, and to take care not to disturb the peace and quiet of other customers.

No child under the age of 12 may wander around the leisure center alone, unless an adult is present. The customer’s vigilance is called for in areas of the base that are poorly or not at all lit.

Unless there is a special justified rule concerning guide or assistance dogs, the presence of a single pet is tolerated in rooms and gîtes only, under the pricing conditions set out on the website. The service provider may ask the customer to present an up-to-date vaccination certificate, accompanied, where applicable for category 1 and 2 dogs, by the
possession permit.

The customer is required to respect the accommodation capacity of the premises as described on the site

The service provided may under no circumstances benefit, even partially, third parties, natural or legal persons, except with the written agreement of the service provider. Any breach of this rule will result in the immediate termination of the contract to the customer’s detriment, with the price collected remaining the definitive property of the service provider.

Article 7: Refunds and cancellations

No service ordered may give rise to a refund or a reduction in the invoice, in the event of a reduction in the length of the stay or total absence.
The customer may request cancellation of the service order after receipt by the service provider of a registered letter, no later than 7 days before the scheduled arrival date. This cancellation request gives rise to a reduction in the invoiced price, excluding booking fees and a minimum penalty of €100. Within these limits, the invoiced price is reduced:

  • by 100%, if the cancellation request is received more than 41 days before the scheduled arrival date,
  • by 70%, if this receipt occurs between the 21st and 41st day,
  • by 40%, between the 8th and 20th day.

No cancellation request may give rise to reimbursement unless it is accompanied by a bank statement.

Article 8: Personal data and telephone communications

The customer’s personal data collected by the service provider is used exclusively for the proper management of the service sought or ordered. With the customer’s consent, it may be used by the service provider for the sole purpose of transmitting information on its products, services and promotional offers. Apart from this, the service provider will keep the customer’s personal data in a secure environment for the strict period required to perform and monitor the service.

The customer may ask the service provider, by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, to access his or her personal data, rectify it, limit its processing or delete it. In order to improve the quality of its service, the service provider may listen in on telephone conversations between its employees and the customer.

Article 9: Competent courts

In the event of a dispute, the Bar-le-Duc judicial or commercial courts shall have sole jurisdiction.