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Planting hedges

Between 2022 and 2023, SPL Chambley-Madine planted 900 m of hedges on the Lac de Madine site. The aim of these plantings is to maintain and even develop the biodiversity present on the site.

The importance of hedges

Planted hedges provide a range of services, some of which are little known:

  • Climatic role: wind speed reduction, climatic comfort, shade.
  • Economic role: wood production, shelter for numerous crop auxiliaries, improved crop yields.
  • Hydrological role: control of soil erosion by slowing runoff and increasing infiltration, maintenance of banks, water purification and flood regulation.
  • Ecological role: creation of shelter, breeding grounds and food supply for many species. Edge effect (transition zone between two environments particularly favorable to a rich and diverse flora and fauna), species movement.
  • Landscape role: maintenance of landscape diversity, creation of a green mesh and a quality living environment, building integration.

Green and blue grid

The plantings carried out with the Parc naturel régional de Lorraine represent 380 m of hedges and are part of the Trame Verte et Bleue program.

This program, aims to promote the development of biodiversity through the improvement of the bocage network on the territory, but also the network of wetlands.

These hedges, major elements of the “green grid”, allow in particular to:

  • Create a habitat for many animal and plant species and promote their movement in the landscape.
  • Preserve and/or enhance biodiversity on a territory, but also improve the living environment.

The hedges planted by SPL Chambley-Madine represent 430 m. These plantings are part of the same approach.

The plant species chosen for these hedges are all naturally occurring in Lorraine. They were selected not only for their quality, but also for their provenance.

Here are just a few of them: Black Elder, Viorne lantane, Common Hornbeam, Common Hazelnut, Male Dogwood, …