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Biodiversity reserve

Located in the heart of the Lorraine Regional Nature Park the Lac de Madine is a Natura 2000 classified site but also national hunting and wildlife reserve.

An exceptional natural heritage!

The site boasts a strong diversity of habitats: forests, reedbeds, lakes, wet meadows, ponds and, of course, the lake!

Animal and plant species have colonized the area, such as the Meadow Succulent and the Spotted Orchid. Some, such as the Greylag Goose, have become sedentary, while others, such as the Sandhill Crane, only visit during migration periods.

They take advantage of these rich environments, to complete all or part of their life cycle.

We find the Starry Bittern, a mysterious reedbed bird, insects such as the Four-spotted Dragonfly or the Bloody Cricket, various fish such as carp or pike, mysterious small mammals living at night such as bats and many more…


Important recognition

Over time, the site has gained recognition of European importance. Protection statutes have been put in place to protect these species and spaces.

To take full advantage of this Natura 2000-listed site, take the tour of the lake and take time to stop at the bird observatory. From a breathtaking vantage point overlooking the lake, you’ll discover bird activity on the water and in the reedbed.