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Discover a fishing paradise at Lac de Madine, with nearly 1000 hectares of surface areaand its average depth of 2.5 meterswhere a multitude of species abound, from pike and carp to zander, catfish, tench and roach.

The pleasure of fishing

at Lac de Madine

Plunge into a world of tranquilityby indulging in fishing at Lac de Madine. Throughout the seasons, the lake’s waters are home to a multitude of species that will make your lines quiver.

Explore the various fishing spots, try out different techniques and let yourself be surprised by the exceptional catches this place has in store.

Whether as a solo, with family or among friends, fishing at Lac de Madine is an experience to be enjoyed.


Fishing regulations

Managed and regulated by the non-reciprocal AAPPMA “les Pêcheurs de Madine“, fishing on Lac de Madine offers you the opportunity to fish day and night, provided you respect the established rules.

Consult the detailed rules on the AAPPMA website and get a fishing right by taking the card of your choice – with or without CPMA (cotisation pêche milieu aquatique) to fully enjoy this unique experience!

The CPMA fee is personal and paid only once per year and per angler. To find out more about the CPMA, see the general terms and conditions of membership below.

Boat fishing

a few rules to follow
  • Be sure to position yourself in the authorized fishing zones depending on the season (zone summer or zone winter) and outside quiet zones.
  • In order to fish from a boat, you must pay a supplement “fishing from a boat” per angler, which includes: fishing aboard a boat (barque, inflatable boat over 2m50 long, canoe, sailboat etc …), as well as the use of a boat for baiting, line laying etc …
  • Two anglers present on the same boat will each have paid the “boat fishing” supplement.
  • Boats with thermal engine are strictly forbidden,only electric motor boats are authorized.
  • Fishing areas are delimited by yellow buoys for boat fishing.

Enjoy your passion while respecting these rules and discover an unforgettable fishing experience at Lac de Madine!

Carp fishing

  • For night carp fishing, each angler will have to pay the “night trip” supplement.
  • Fishing areas are delimited by red buoys for carp fishing.


Access badges

House of promenades

To obtain your access badge for launching from the digue de Marmont at Nonsard, go to the Maison des Promenades during opening hours, from April 1 to October 31, with your fishing card (if you already have one), otherwise we won’t be able to issue you a badge. If you don’t yet have a fishing card, you can obtain one directly from the Maison des promenades reception desk.

You can benefit from this access badge for 5€ per year, valid only for the purchase of an annual fishing card.

This badge will give you access only to the campervan barrier (or Mirabel barrier) at Nonsard-Lamarche.

For any questions, contact reception on 03 29 89 32 50.


To obtain your access badge for launching from the pleasure harbor at Nonsard, go to the harbor master’s office during opening hours.

You can benefit from this access badge for 76€ per year.

The purchase of this badge gives you access to:

  • the harbor master’s office club house (sanitary facilities accessible from 6am to 11:30pm and toilets 24 hours a day)
  • the guarded parking area
  • the harbor area

For any questions, contact the harbor master’s office at 06 33 84 14 48.


Fishing cards

To fish on Lac de Madine, you’ll need a carte de pêche!

2023 rates

  • The options are individual, each angler will have to pay for these different supplements






my fishing card

To obtain a fishing card, you can go directly during opening hours to the accueil de la Maison des promenades in Nonsard or to the accueil “hébergement – camping” on the Heudicourt site.

For more information on fishing cards, or to buy one online


To know more

for our fishing friends
  • Two fishing zones have been defined: a summer zone (from May 1, 2023 to October 14, 2023 inclusive) and a winter(from October 15, 2023 to April 30, 2024 inclusive)
  • The changeover from one zone to the other takes place around October 15 and May 1.
  • To ensure your safety, please note that the fishing stations (see map on page 6) located on the Bois Gérard island (23/24/25 and 26) are temporarily not accessible for rental.
  • To buy a fishing cardor an access badge outside the Maison des promenades reception opening period (between November 1 and March 31), please contact 03 29 89 32 50 beforehand.
  • Fishing zones are marked with pancards for shore fishing.


Other activities


Let us surprise you with a whole host of other activities!