Insatlleelisa Merimee 3 Rotated nesting boxInsatlleelisa Merimee 3 Rotated nesting box
©Insatlleelisa Merimee 3 Rotated nesting box

Nest box installation

Spread over the Heudicourt and Nonsard sites, 25 nesting boxes for great tits were installed in 2023.

Do you know this bird?

The great tit is a small-sized passerine. As an adult, it weighs between 16 and 21 g and its wingspan varies between 23 and 26 cm.

Olive-green on the back, its bright yellow breast is separated by a black stripe. With a black head and white cheeks, it has a short, blackish beak.


The great tit is insectivorousin summer, feeding on insects and larvae. In winter, it becomes vegetarian, consuming seeds and berries. In fact, it’s known as the terror of feeders.

The installation of these nest boxes, will enable the great tit to find a nesting place around Lac de Madine.

In fact, a major housing crisis is affecting all cavity-nesting birds. Old trees with cavities or holes, which provide a home for these species, are becoming rare.

Why install this particular bird?

In the Woëvre plain, we have large, beautiful forests where oak processionary caterpillars have settled. A species that is particularly fond of oak trees, on which it carries out its life cycle.

Irritation and itching can occur if you come into contact with the stinging hairs of this caterpillar.
The great tit is one of the very few predators of the oak processionary caterpillar and can consume up to 500 caterpillars per day during the nesting period.

This is why we want to attract this valuable ally to the shores of Lake Madine.