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Le Monde Merveilleux

Welcome to a playful paradise where laughter and smiles light up every moment!

A Kingdom of Adventures

and Magic for Kids!

Discover an enchanted world full of joy and wonder, with a little train for toddlers, a circus castle to explore, a toboggan full of sensations and several other inflatable structures for hours of endless entertainment! Parents can sit back and watch their children from the red hut at the center of the mini park.


When you arrive, you’ll be greeted at our charming circus shop kiosk, which doubles as both entrance checkout and buvette. Let yourself be tempted by a delicious selection of bonbons, friandises, boissons fraîches and glaces, for an explosion of sweet flavors to savor throughout your visit.

In front of the Maison des Promenades reception area, facing Nonsard beach, you’ll discover our two other gourmet kiosks. Crave our irresistible Italian-style ice cream and refresh yourself with our fruity treats at the circus candy kiosk, delight in crispy crêpes, succumb to fluffy waffles, feast on golden-crisp churros, and indulge in delicious beignets at the circus snack kiosk. Pair it all with a selection of cool drinks to complete your taste experience.

In our park, the pleasure of the taste buds blends perfectly with fun and magic.

Practical info

Opening times

July and August:

  • Monday to Friday: 11am to 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10am to 8pm


  • Up to and including September 03 : 11am to 8pm
  • From September 04: Saturdays and Sundays (Barring complicated weather and wind speeds in excess of 35km/h)


  • Winter closure


  • Mini park admission and small train ride: €8/child
  • Small train tickets: €2 per ticket, €5 for 3, €7 for 4 and €10 for 7
  • Accompanying adult: free

Unlimited duration: any exit is final.


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Le Monde Merveilleux

Lac de Madine,
55210 Nonsard-Lamarche,

Port: + 33 6 34 32 41 61



Other activities


Let us surprise you with a whole host of other activities!