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Take advantage of the wind to glide across the Lac de Madine, it’s an exceptional experience that you can enjoy thanks to the AKL (Association Kitesurf Lorraine), if you’re already practising and independent.

The sensation of flying over water!

Envy to kitesurf on Lake Madine?It’s possible provided:

  • you have insurance covering kitesurfing (FFV license)
  • you’re a member of AKL (Association Kitesurf Lorraine)

It’s therefore important that youregister with the clubor havevalidated your invitation to the day to be able to sail.

Kitesurfing in Madine

Learn to kitesurf in Madine with AKL

The AKL has no teaching structure, nor the mandatory insurance to provide an initiation.


The AKL is only a club of “autonomous” practitioners.


For your initiation, please consult the list of French kitesurfing schools labeled.




How to join AKL

To take out your annual membership, you must:

  • Have acquired the practice kitesurfing “autonomous”
  • Have a licence FFVL for the current year
  • Have a insurance FFVL covering the practice of Kitesurfing
  • Have satisfied the obligation of membership of the club : Cost of annual membership: €30



Confirm your level before joining

It is possible in view of a membership to participate in one of our outings in order to confirm your level of kitesurfing practice.

To benefit from an invitation, you must:

  • Have a good command of the activity kitesurf
  • Have an annual licence FFVL
  • Have insurance FFVL covering kitesurfing
  • Be in compliance with sailing conditions for guests


Association Kitesurf Lorraine

9, rue St Laurent
54385 Manonville

Kitesurf Madine

Lac de Madine, parking at the port of Nonsard-Lamarche
55210 Nonsard-Lamarche


Other activities


Let us surprise you with many other activities!