Bikes and rosalie

To experience an exceptional moment, in total communion with the surrounding natureand enjoythe beauty of the landscapes, let yourself be tempted by a bike tour along the lake.

Pedal your way to freedom!

Imagine yourself riding a bike or a rosalie in anenchanting natural setting, surrounded by breathtaking beauty.

You pedal leisurely along the lake, bordered by tall trees whose leaves offer refreshing shade.

Our rental outlets

You can enjoy Madine and its exceptional setting, either with your own bike, or by contacting one of our 2 rental points.

Madine Cycles

Located in NONSARD-LAMARCHE, to the right of the Maison des Promenades, Madine Cyclesoffers Mountain bikesand Rosalies for rent.


Located on the HEUDICOURT-SOUS-LES-COTES side, next to the accrobranche, Divotourbiking offers electric bikes, recumbent tricycles, VTC, rosalies and children’s trikes.

For kids?

Part of the tour of the lake runs along the departmental road, which is not safe for cyclists. We therefore advise against taking young children on this tour.

Madine cycles

55210 Nonsard-Lamarche,

Port : + 33 3 56 66 15 34

Mail :



55210 Heudicourt-sous-les-Côtes,

Port: + 33 6 26 55 03 01



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