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Around the lake

Discover breathtaking landscapes, breathe in the fresh air and experience adventurous moments in the heart of this preserved nature. Whether you’re an avid walker or cyclist, get ready for an unforgettable ride to the rhythm of your steps or pedal strokes!

Explore Lac de Madine

on foot or by bike

Walk the picturesque surroundings of Lac de Madine on a complete tour of the lake and its shores. Whether you choose to walk or cycle, with family or friends, this tour of over 18 kms promises unforgettable memories, between preserved nature, scenic beauty and sporting thrills.

So put on your hiking boots or get on your bike and set off to conquer the wonders that surround you!

Course duration

Almost 3 kms of the course pass through a departmental road.

We do not recommend this part to families with children, for their safety.

By bike

Duration: 2H

For an average speed between 15 and 20km/h

On foot

Duration: 5h30 – 6h

Depending on your walking speed

The tour of Lac de Madine is officially referenced as the circuit n°15 des parcours VTT de Meuse, among the 22 circuits listed.

The most adventurous cyclists can consult our information panel where all the circuits VTT de Meuse, are displayed for even more daring adventures!

A few tips

Take full advantage of your bike ride or hike around Lac de Madine!

Plan your route

Before you set off, familiarize yourself with the trails and cycle paths available around Lac de Madine.

Consult the map, find out which points of interest to visit and work out how far you want to travel.

Having a plan will make it easy to find your way around and make the most of your walk.


Prepare yourself accordingly

Make sure you have the right equipment before you set off.

For awalk, opt for comfortable shoes, clothingadapted to the weather, a water bottleto refresh you at any time and several energy snacks.

For a bike ride, make sure your bike is in good condition, wear a helmet, bring a basic repair kit and don’t forget to hydrateregularly.


Respect the environment

When out walking, be sure to respect the nature around you.

Follow the marked paths, don’t litter and be mindful of the local flora and fauna.

It’s important to preserve the natural beauty of this classified Natura 2000 and Réserve nationale de chasse et faune sauvage.


Our rental outlets

If you’ve opted for a tour du lac bike ride, you can enjoy Madine and its exceptional setting, either with your own bike, or by contacting one of our 2 rental points. The tour of the lake is not accessible by rosalie.

Madine Cycles

Located in NONSARD-LAMARCHE, to the right of the Maison des Promenades, Madine Cycles offers ATVandRosalies for rent.


Located on the HEUDICOURT-SOUS-LES-COTES side, next to the accrobranche, Divotourbiking offers electric bikes, recumbent tricycles, VTC, rosalies and children’s trikes.

Other points of interest

to discover

Birdwatching trails

As they make their way around the magnificent Lac de Madine, walkers will have the opportunity to extend their discovery by taking the Bird Discovery Trails. Featuring “Mémoires de Voyageurs” and “Paysage de Mémoire”, these trails invite you to explore the region’s rich history and avian biodiversity. An immersive experience for nature lovers and the curious in search of unforgettable memories.

The Butte de Montsec

On your tour of Lac de Madine, don’t miss the butte de Montsec, a must-see point of interest. Perched at an altitude of 377 meters, this spot offers an exceptional panoramic view of the surrounding area and the lake in particular. Take advantage of this opportunity to admire the beauty of the landscape, capture magnificent photos and feel a sense of fulfillment.

Other activities


Let us surprise you with many other activities!