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Enjoy a convivial and competitive moment under the sun! Whether you’re a seasoned player or novice, our petanque court awaits you for spirited games and relaxing moments with friends or family.

Pull or point

Whatever your age or level, have fun with friends or family on our free-access petanque courts.

2 courts are available at the Port de Nonsard, behind the Decathlon store. And if you forgot to bring your pétanque boules, visit Decathlon in Nonsard or the boutique at the campsite reception in Heudicourt.

3 tips

to improve your game

Adopt a stable, balanced stance by placing one foot slightly in front of the other. This will give you good stability during your throw and improve your accuracy.


Favor a smooth, fluid stroke by holding the ball firmly but without excessive tension. Release the ball steadily and try to keep a steady trajectory to your target.


Carefully observe the terrain and the balls already thrown. Analyze the position of opposing balls and identify opportunities to shoot or point. Also keep an eye out for possible obstacles or rebound opportunities.

Terrain de pétanque

Lac de Madine, derrière la brasserie du port
55210 Nonsard-Lamarche,

Port: + 33 3 29 89 32 50


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